Time series refers to a series of data points indexed to a specific order of time.
Time series analysis refers to the usage of some statistical measures to analyze time-series data and extract some key inferences from it.

Time series forecasting is the creation of a predictive model that helps…

(Part-2 of AI Ethics Series)

As the field of AI unfolds, it is also important to gradually evolve even with AI Ethics. It is always believed that when you find something extremely pro, it is obvious for the con to accompany it! The art is, how do you actually handle…

(Part-1 of AI-Ethics Series)

In this world of emerging technologies, technology has almost taken charge of this entire world. For the immense data that is being generated, and the way that this world is so complexly designed, sometimes it feels that there should some creation that mimics the human brain…

The life of a student is not just a journey, it's an emotion! We greatly have the tendency to define “success” based on our limited perspectives. Generally, that perspective is influenced by others' thoughts and opinions.. its nothing but trying to go by what the majority does!

Being at the…

Praseeda Saripalle

Data Science Aspirant

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