Build your AI System like a Pro

  1. Acknowledge people’s needs to give a conclusion to a problem
    Understanding people’s requirements in the current journey is the way to help find their unaddressed needs. This can be done by conducting surveys, assembling focus groups, reading user feedback, and so on. Every team member should get involved in this step so that team member gains an understanding of the people they hope to serve. Your team should include and involve people with diverse perspectives and backgrounds, along with race, gender, and other characteristics. Sharpen your problem definition and brainstorm creative and inclusive solutions together!
  2. Introspect how will AI add merit to your problem statement
    Once you are clear with address of your problem, it is important to analyze how AI creates an impact to solve the issue. Remember! AI improves efficiency and impact of human error is almost zero!
    Do consider these questions..
  • Is public convinced of your idea to produce a good outcome?
  • Would non-AI systems — such as rule-based solutions, which are easier to create, and maintain — be significantly less effective than an AI system for this particular problem statement?
  • Is the task of using AI would find boring, repetitive or otherwise difficult to concentrate on for this problem statement?
  • Have AI solutions proven to be better than other solutions for similar use cases in the past?




Data Science Aspirant

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Praseeda Saripalle

Praseeda Saripalle

Data Science Aspirant

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